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We take care of and develop our staff

Being a foreign teacher in China can be incredibly fun and an amazing opportunity. However, it can also be challenging to deal with living in a foreign country. We make sure you get the best out of your time in China and can feel at home here.

For our full-time and long-term teachers of course we help you with all the basics such as getting a work visa, arranging the flight and finding a nice apartment nearby the school. 

On top of that we will also provide you with free Mandarin classes. We have qualified teachers who will get you up to speed quickly on the Chinese language. We can also offer you extracurricular classes in Chinese culture, art and history including sightseeing to some of the most famous spots in Beijing. 

We're available 24/7 to help you in case of any emergency. During your free time we can help you to book trips or excursions around China or nearby countries. 

We will also provide you continuous training on the job with regards to pedagogy. When you one day leave Sino Education you will be a better teacher than when you first arrived. 

Our teachers are the most important asset we have in our company and that's why we believe its so important they are happy with their job. If our teachers feel satisified with their job our students will also pick up on that and enjoy the classes more. 

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