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 School locations:

We currently have 13 school sites in Beijing and 8 in other cites.

Beijing school sites:

Haidian center: The Worker Culture Stadium of Haidian 3rd Floor, Bagou Road, Haidian District (Next to the Hualian shopping mall ,subway line 10 ,Bagou staition)

Olympic Green Park centers:Xinao Shopping Mall H2 20-02, Chaoyang District,(Olympic Green Park Station, Subway Line8)

CBD Center: Chaowai SOHO Building A, 5039, Dongdaqiao, Chaoyang (Dongdaqiao Station Subway,Line 6)

Financial street Center: Wudong Plaza, 2nd Floor, Chengongzhuan Road, Xicheng, Distirict (Chengongzhuan Station, Subway Line 2/6)

Tongzhou Centers: the building of Dongzongtun, 2nd Floor, Tongzhou District ( Jiukeshu Station, Batong Line)

Daxing center: Internation Business Center Building C 4th Floor, Huangcun Huo Shen Miao, Daxing district (Huangcun West Road, Subway Line 4)

Huilongguan Center: No.118 West Road, Changping District ( Longze Station, Subway Line 13)

Tiantongyuan Center: Jingni Children Center 2nd Floor, Tiantongyuan, Changping District ( Tiantongyuan South Station, Subway Line 5)

Shuangqiao Center: Subway Batong line Shuangqiao station.

Changying Center: Subway line 6 Changying station.

Changping Center: Subway Changping line Changping station.

Wuyi Center: Subway line 6 Beiyunhe west station.

Gongzhufen Center: Subway line 1 Gongzhufen station.


Schools in other cities:

Hangzhou City: No.129-2 Xueyuan Road, at the junction of Wener Road and Xueyuan Road, Westlake District;

                          Fengyuan Building C 6h Floor, No.430 Fengtan Road, Gongshu District.

Chengdu City:  Shiwai taoyuan Square, Building A 9th Floor, No.69 Kehua North Road, Wuhou District;

                          Zijing Meixi Square, 3rd Floor, No. 49 Zijing East Road, Wuhou District.

Haikou City: Haiyun yudu, room 309, No3 WenHua Road, Longhua District.

Changchun City:West of the cross road of Jilin avenue and Linhe street, Erdao district Changchun city.

Fuzhou City: Henglibona plaza, Northern 2nd ring road, Gulou district Fuzhou city.

Ningbo City:No. 49-51-53 Wanda plaza, Jiangbei district, Ningbo city.


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